GDS Defender Flammable / Toxic / Refrigerant Gas Alarm

GDS Defender Gas Detection System

The GDS Defender gas leak detection system features remote sensors connected to the main control unit via a 3 core cable network. The control unit is an advanced design using the latest technology and provides a high integrity system whilst offering a significant cost saving over conventional gas alarm systems.

  • 3 core sensor cable network

  • Toxic/Flammable/Oxygen/Refrigerant sensor combination

3 core sensor cable network

Sensors pre-set and tested

Toxic/Flammable/Refrigerant sensor combination

• 1-16 sensors – 4 zonesup to 64sensors (16 per zone) with additional power pack

• Three alarm levels (timed ON/OFF option)

Four zone indicators

Individual Sensors with audible visual alarms + relay – optional stand alone

Connect directly to the GDS Combi CANbus system

Designed for ease of installation

System easily extended

Off the shelf system