Dega NB 111 Sensor

Toxic combustible oxygen monitoring sensor

DEGA NB III transmitter is a part of the gas detection system. Transmitter is located in monitored premises in which critical situations due to accumulation of flammable or toxic substances can occur. Transmitter converts the measured concentration of substances into a unified signal 4 – 20mA and RS485. The transmitter can be connected to control panels DEGA UPA III, DEGA UKA III and DEGA UDA III.

  • (CL) Catalytic
  • (EL) Electrochemical
  • (IL) Infrared
  • (PID) Photoionization
  • (SL) Semiconductor

  • QQ Detection types: catalytic, electrochemical, infrared, photoionization (PID), semiconductor
  • QQ Detection of toxic and combustible gases and oxygen
  • QQ Protection level IP54
  • QQ Produced in compliance with standard SIL