FIXED SYSTEM: GDS 305 Sequential Gas Sampling System 1-48 Way

GDS Sample monitoring cabinet

The GDS 305 system is designed to monitor gas levels from a number of sample-points, targeted at situations where the positioning of conventional gas sensors may not be practical. This may be due to equipment security, cable routing, access for detector head installation/maintenance, harsh environment or a cost effective means of monitoring designated hazardous areas, typically – tunnels, marine applications, underground/high level voids, process control, landfill, multi storey car parks, brewing, horticulture, superstore multi refridgeration units, Bio-fuel storage compounds.

1-48 sample points

Monitor up to 8 gas types

No sample line purge delay

Wide range of sensor types

4 line alpha/numeric display

Selectable sample line sequence

Display of each sample line location

Easily installed and maintained

Full indication of all operations

Event logging / Modbus / RS232 / RS485

Line blockage and pump fail monitoring

Variable sample time for optimum cycle time

High integrity, comprehensive self check fault monitoring

and more – see product sheet