GDS XDI-F1 – Red Line Plus Hazardous Area Gas Detector

F1 Atex Rated gas sensor

The GDS Red Line XDI sensor uses proven non-dispersive single beam dual-wave length infrared principles to detect and monitor the presence of gases. This non-poisoning sensing technique relies on the target gas having a unique well-defined absorption signature. This is used to identify the presence of the target gas and is highly specific. Using a suitable infrared source, an analysis of the optical absorption through the gas allows the concentration of the target gas to be determined. All sensor driving is internal to the transmitter and full fault monitoring of the sensor and transmitter is continuous.

  • Rugged and reliable
  • Explosion proof
  • Automatic diagnostic system surveillance and fault monitoring
  • Harsh environmental use
  • Engineered for ease of maintenance and reduced running costs
  • Optional 2 alarm relays plus fault relay