GDS 703 Battery Back-up

GDS Battery Backup PSU

Output 27V Nominal (26~31.5Vdc adjustable)

Rated Current 0~11.7A (316W)

Mains Input 100-230Vac (terminals J2)

Frequency Range 47~63 Hz

Standard Internal Battery 24Vdc 4Ah – others

available (terminals B+J5 / B-J6)

Protection short circuit, overload, over voltage, over

temperature (shutdown and automatic recovery)

Ripple and Noise (max.) 200mVp-p

Operating Temperature -15°C to +50°C

Battery Charging LED flashes to show when the battery is charging. The duration of the flashes changes

according to how close the battery voltage is to its float value and will be dim and infrequent when fully charged

Battery Voltage Low LED will illuminate when the battery voltage is low (at approximately 20 volts)

Charge Fail LED shows that battery charging has failed which may be because mains has also failed but could be

because the battery has failed or is disconnected

Mains Fail LED indicates mains power has been lost

Mains On LED is on when mains power is detected

Test LED (interior) indicates the version of software at power up with flashes and thereafter shows which of 6

possible states the charger is operating in

Charge Fail Relay SPCO rated @ 1A-120Vac – Connection via terminal J1

Mains Fail Relay Normally energised SPCO rated @ 1A-250Vac – Connection via terminal J8

Material Mild steel 1.2mm

Finish Powder coat – texture

Colour BS00A01 Ash Grey

Dimensions W314 x H264 x D116mm

Cable Entry 20mm knock-out entry top/bottom/rear

IP Rating IP52

Mounting 264x237mm Footprint with 4 M5 Holes

Weight 4.9Kg, 8.0Kg (with batteries)