Combi 32 Way Relay Panel

GDS 32 way multi channel Relay Panel

The 32 way relay panel accepts relay data from the combi control unit. It must have a unique address between 128 and 255. This can be selected using the SW1 binary address switch (see example). Ensure that its address does not conflict with another CAN bus device.

Relays 32-SPCO @ 3A/230vAC

Enclosure (H) 265mm x (W) 315 mm x(D) 95mm

Mild steel powder coat BS 00A01 (IP52)

Cable Entry Bottom / Rear 20mm

Connectivity CAN addressable on CAN bus 1 or 2 (4Core) 24v, Hi, Lo, 0v Via J10 Ribbon cable (10 core) Via J2

Power Consumption All relays normally de-energised 0.13w. All relays normally energised 17w

Weight 5Kg

Operating Temperature -10°C to +50°C